2” throat Midrange Horn


Shown in Oiled Cherry

Beautiful to look at AND breathtaking to listen to, the All Wood TRACTRIX MIDRANGE horns provide the finest quality in high fidelity sound reproduction for the home, church, or theatre venue. The tractrix expansion naturally breathes sound into the room without the typical harshness or shrillness of plastic horns.

With a low frequency cutoff of 400Hz, a 4-bolt mount, 2” throat, and being quite short in overall length in comparison to other horns of its frequency capabilities, makes this horn not only suitable for high output use but it is also able to reproduce high frequencies without excessive “beaming” with a more-than-ample ability to cover a larger venue, the single Tractrix model horn is an excellent choice for 2 or 3 way wide bandwidth use where high fidelity and low distortion is desired.
Here the tractrix horn is shown in cherry wood, suitable for free-standing or in-baffle mounting. Available finished or unfinished in both free-standing or baffle-mount versions. We personally prefer the sound of an unfinished horn, however, that is completely optional. Additionally, the free-standing version is more versatile.


Fc 400Hz  4-bolt mount
Dimensions:  18” wide x 10-1/2” high by 12” deep


Available in various woods, finished or unfinished.

Drivers not included.
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